About us

A school committed to the provision of quality education through personal academic excellence.


School History

Ikaya Primary school is situated at kayamandi township in Stellenbosch, Western cape province.
The school was established in 1994 during that time it was only foundation phase gradei-3. In 1996 the school, other phases were developed. On the10 May 1997 Mr B. Oconnel did the official opening of the school. That time the principal was Mr Banjwa.

Past Principals

Our Library

On 16 January 2014, the 34th Mandela Day container library officially opened its doors at Ikaya Primary School.
Ikaya Primary School was built in 1986 – at the time the only primary school in the Kayamandi informal settlement – to educate children of the local community members, who were mostly farmers. Situated on the school premises, this permanent learning facility will go a long way towards inspiring a love of reading among the school’s learners.


Our Garden

We have a garden. Mr Mantji takes care of our garden. This garden helps in feeding our learners. Some products are sold to buy manure. The district also visit to check if the garden is well monitored.


Our Kitchen

We also have 8 kitchen staff. They help our learners with feeding. They serve learners in their respective classrooms during break. Most of our learners are depending on this feeding for them to survive in class. We also make parcels for those learners who come from poor family back ground whereby parents neglect the child.


Chess at iKaya

Not all black schools do chess but our school went on National level in 2019. The benefits of teaching Chess to kids and integrating it into the educational curriculum extend far beyond academic capabilities. Chess students learn to analyze, to plan and to perform, both over the board and in real life. The children learn how to concentrate, how to think ahead, how to solve complex problems, and how to make difficult decisions—all valuable life skills.